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our vision

we believe in vacations that don't make you feel like a tourist, trips that inspire you to be a better person, and travel that doesn't put you into debt. we prefer conversations with locals over scripted tour guide speeches, unique cultural experiences over yelped tourist traps, and eating a meal made with family over expensive foreign cuisine. 

ybt travel planning creates unique, personalized travel plans that allow you to reconnect to what is meaningful in life, rekindle or discover your passions, and have unforgettable experiences in every corner of the planet... all while being nice to your bank account. we plan trips to every part of the globe, and will figure out trips to mars once elon musk figures that whole thing out. 

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our goal: 
to make sure
y'all be trippin'!


our services

we work intimately with each of our clients to best understand what you want to get our of your trip. we have you start with our in-depth travel questionnaire which allows us to prioritize your needs and dreams before creating a personalized itinerary.
once a travel plan has been perfected, clients can decide if they want the extra support to book flights, tours, accommodations, and experiences with our travel experts. 


we can plan travel for any occasion...
honeymoons, anniversaries, just-because vacations
family reunions, college tours, birthday parties
solo travelers, large groups, couples, families with kids
volunteer tourism, eco-tourism, carbon-neutral tourism


...and for any destination!



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