FOUNDER & travel planner

ellen has been traveling since birth, boarding her first flight at the ripe age of 3 months old and earning her first free ticket via frequent flyer miles before she turned 4. her passion for traveling stems from her love of connecting with diverse people and hearing their stories. her ideal vacation is a mix between intense nature trekking and just following locals around to see what their cities and countries have to offer. 

she is your perfect travel planner for a couple of reasons: 

  • about 70% of her joy is derived from planning a trip and 30% from actually traveling, so research is actually fun for her

  • she loves reading obscure blogs, local message boards, and foreign travel guides in order to find unique and exciting experiences

  • she is a meticulous planner and won't let any detail slip through her fingers

  • she believes that everyone deserves to travel, to experience different cultures and perspectives, no matter what budget they have

some of her favorite travel stories to tell include:

  • completing the w trek in patagonia

  • eating her weight in gelato and pasta in rome

  • getting lost in a panamanian jungle with no shoes

  • seeing komodo dragons while infected with dengue fever in indonesia

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travel consultant

julie is a seasoned traveller and has adventured around the world. she gives the best advice for traveling with kiddos, and is also fond of museums, historical sites, and educational spots. not to mention she has worked in the food industry for her entire career, so she knows a thing or two about where to find the best fresh-baked breads or fried alligator (just kidding about the alligator! or is she?).