value-driven travel


our values

at ybt, our travel planning philosophy is driven by three fundamental values. these values allow us to find unique experiences that make up truly meaningful trips for you. 



authentic travel means two things to us: it should be authentic to place and authentic to you.

authentic to place means steering away from chain restaurants and tourist traps and choosing culturally-specific people, places, and things. we tirelessly research to find out what the locals do and recommend. if you can do something at home, why travel just to do it on vacation?

authentic to you means that each itinerary we create is just for you. no pre-planned packages, no canned tours. just a trip made for y-o-u. have a thing for ghosts? we'll plan a paranormal trip for you. totally obsessed with donuts? oh you know we're going to find you some freaking amazing donuts. not everyone likes the same thing, so we want to make sure none of our trips are the same and are fully personalized. 



adventurous travel doesn’t mean difficult, but it shouldn't be easy. you don't really need us to book an all-inclusive beach vacation, but when it comes to jungle treks, back-ally bars, and tango lessons we've got you covered. we believe that only when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone do we grow as individuals, and what a better place to grow than somewhere new and exciting. 



super stoked to travel but worried about your latest credit card statement? we believe that everyone deserves to travel no matter their budget, and because we are so into researching each and every part of your trip, we are able to create itineraries for any wallet size. we will need to be honest with you and let you know when your budget doesn't meet your expectations, but we promise to find alternatives that will keep your bank account happy. we can also help identify international or national volunteer opportunities, which allow you to experience a country while giving back and saving money at the same time.



because we believe in affordability, our services are pretty cheap and depend on how much travel planning assistance you want. we start everyone off with our in-depth travel questionnaire that will help us to better understand your travel needs. based on your responses, we will create a personalized itinerary for you, including meticulously researched details for activities and experiences, suggestions for accommodations and food, and an estimated budget. this service costs $75. if you aren't totally pleased with the itinerary we will rework your itinerary at no extra charge. if you change your mind on the destination of the trip, we charge $45 for each additional itinerary for returning customers. 

if you decide that you don't want to do all the booking and reserving and finalizing, we can help with that as well! this service is priced depending on the length of the trip.

  • 7 days or less: $100

  • 8-14 days: $150

  • 15-21 days: $200

  • 21+ days: let’s chat. we’re jealous, but we want to help.