because we believe in affordability, our services are pretty cheap and depend on how much travel planning assistance you want. we start everyone off with our in-depth travel questionnaire that will help us to better understand your travel needs. based on your responses, we will create a personalized itinerary for you, including meticulously researched details for activities and experiences, suggestions for accommodations and food, and an estimated budget. this service costs $75. if you aren't totally pleased with the itinerary we will rework your itinerary at no extra charge. if you change your mind on the destination of the trip, we charge $45 for each additional itinerary for returning customers. 

if you decide that you don't want to do all the booking and reserving and finalizing, we can help with that as well! this service is priced depending on the length of the trip.

  • 7 days or less: $100

  • 8-14 days: $150

  • 15-21 days: $200

  • 21+ days: let’s chat. we’re jealous, but we want to help.