trip quiz results

mostly a: the indonesian islands

Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands that are diverse and full of interesting people. the island of Bali is great for the beach lovers, Rinca island is the stomping ground for the ancient komodo dragon, and the jungles of Sumatra are home to orangutans, tigers, and elephants. there's a little bit of everything and plenty of sunshine!

mostly b: argentina and chile

cities like Santiago and Buenos Aires offer great night life for you club hoppers and the national parks in Patagonia delight those who are looking for a trekking adventure away from it all. the fresh lamb and seafood is out of this world, and the art and music scene is flourishing. 

mostly c: new zealand

remember all the stunning landscapes in lord of the rings? that's New Zealand. this is nature at its purest, with wide open landscapes, waterfalls, and hot springs galore. even though the sheep outnumber the people, it's a breeze to travel around since they speak english... the people that is!

mostly d: portugal and italy

there's nothing quite like roaming around a european city, looking for cafes, fountains, and gardens around every corner. Lisbon's narrow streets lead to you the seven hills surrounding the city, chalked full of castles and creampuffs. the shopping in Rome is world renowned, as is the food and gelato. 

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