travel inspiration

mini quiz


not quite as cool as buzzfeed, but this quick trip quiz will get you started thinking about what destination to visit on your next trip

1. let's start easy: what’s your favorite season?

   a. summer
   b. winter
   c. spring
   d. fall

2. a cart of sweet treats roll up: which do you choose?

   a. mango ice cream
   b. pineapple empanada
   c. chocolate cake
   d. cream filled donuts

3. when you were a kid, what kind of animals did you pretend to be?

    a. dinosaurs, duh
    b. predators, like pumas
    c. farm animals, like sheep
    d. i just wanted to be a super cool human

4. you're redecorating: what’s your go-to color palette?

   a. jewel tones: magenta, purple, turquoise
   b. warm tones: oranges, browns, yellows
   c. earth tones: greens, blues, reds
   d. i just like black

5. which of these foods would you be most willing to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

   a. fried rice and omelettes
   b. salmon and potatoes
   c. lamb meat pies
   d. pastries and pasta

6. it's the night before your trip: how do you usually pack?

   a. i usually just take a bathing suit and beach towel
   b. i am a pro and only bring the essentials
   c. i am definitely about to overpack
   d. i'm bringing brand names and traveling in style

7. what is the most exciting aspect of traveling for you?

   a. going somewhere totally new and totally different
   b. hanging out and chatting with locals
   c. being one with nature and wildlife, being away from people
   d. stuffing my face with delicious food that i never get to eat at home

8. be honest: what stresses you out most about traveling?

   a. unpredictable weather
   b. crazy taxi drivers
   c. not knowing the language
   d. strange foods

9. excursion time: which of these activities sound the most appealing?

   a. hanging out in the jungle with monkeys and elephants
   b. roaming around a quiet city and and eating fresh seafood
   c. soaking in hot springs and mud baths
   d. sunbathing at the beach with a gelato in hand

10. what is your philosophy when it comes to traveling?

   a. meet as many people as you can
   b. life is about experiences, not material goods
   c. respect the earth and appreciate it
   d. always explore around every corner

count up how many responses you have for each letter (a, b, c, d) and click here for some travel inspiration!